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Mountain Lutheran Church building

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Mountain Lutheran Church was started in an individuals home in Groveland in September 1990. Mt. Carmel Catholic Church was very gracious in letting us move our services into their church in May 1991. With an average of over 30 attendees each week, the dream of finally having our own church became a reality in July 2006.

The new Church is located just off Ferretti Road at 13000 Down To Earth Court in Groveland, CA.

As our congregation's involvement in the community grows, we invite everyone lovingly, and with open arms to join us as we celebrate our lives in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We are known for gathering after our service with snacks, beverages and great conversation with other members and visitors. You are welcome to become a member by attending regularly or just join us as your time permits. Come Grow With Us!

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